medflowInternational EMR


Cloud Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Do you feel like EMRs make your job of providing the best care possible to as many patients as possible much harder? Then you need a system that decreases stress, improves office harmony, and uses efficient workflows so that you and your staff can focus on patient care and satisfaction.

You need medflowInternational ophthalmology EMR.

Cloud computing with optimized workflows – medflowInternational EMR is a cloud-based system that streamlines your entire workflow and enables you to conduct thorough patient exams quickly. The tools are right at your fingertips. You can access dashboards, longitudinal chart reviews, graphs for vision and pressure, and past summaries.

Be free to move around– Our cloud technology gives you location freedom. Whether you’re at the office, in the clinic, working from home, or checking in during a conference, you can access patient data immediately.

Save time– Our system is designed to make providers as efficient as possible during the patient care process. No more clunky workflows; we used common sense and sixteen years of experience to design medflowInternational. You can glide through the EMR process during even the most comprehensive exams, giving you the time you need to provide thorough face-to-face care to your patients.

Intuitive diagnosis management and care plan capability – The intuitive processing links your exam findings to diagnosis to care plans which are then automatically generate impressions and assessments, medication orders, follow up orders, besides delivering letters for referrals, co-management. What’s more it sends important communication to the patient’s portal. The result – you save more time and effort!!

Finally, an EMR system that works with you, that takes your practice to the next level instead of keeping it stagnant.

medflowInternational EMR Key Features

  • Stable & secure cloud based application
  • Intuitive design
  • 24×7 access to patient data with secure internet across all devices – workstations/desktop, laptops and mobile devices (iPads, smart phones etc.)
  • Intuitive modern and efficient design
  • Efficient, preconfigured, intelligent workflows optimized for speed
  • Interactive drawing tool
  • Patient portal for patient communications
  • Seamless device integration
  • Live online training and 24×7 access to eLearning – guarantees quick adoption by your staff
  • UK based fully secure and information security compliant Data Centres ensuring 100% uptime
  • Technical Support team to assist you anytime, anywhere with your queries and issues